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Blog - Checkmend IMEI Blacklist Checking

Checkmend logo Checkmend - Avoid Stolen Property

CheckMEND is the world's most comprehensive used electronics history information service and has access to over 50 billion records of global data with unique data feeds from over 18,000 police agencies, 65 mobile phone networks from 30 countries and countless insurers, warranty and finance companies.

Unlockingshop currently offers two "Full" Checkmend blacklist report services which can be found on our website under IMEI Services\IMEI Checking Services.

Checkmend UK + EU (Full) Lost/Stolen/Blacklisted IMEI Check

Checkmend USA (Full) Lost/Stolen/Blacklisted IMEI Check

Why Should I use Checkmend?


If you are buying a used mobile phone, you want to be 100% certain that the device you are about to purchase has not been reported lost/stolen or has any kind of negative background markers placed on it by the networks, Police or insurance companies. By searching the Checkmend database prior to making the purchase you can be sure the mobile device you are about to buy is "Clean". If you are a trade buyer this should already be common practise and part of your "pre purchase" due diligence checks. By carrying out a Checkmend report on every item you buy, you are protecting yourself against potential cash losses and even arrest by the Police for "handling stolen goods".

Top tips for buyers

1. Always buy from a reputible and trusted seller - If buying from an unknown seller on eBay do not leave positive feedback for at least 60 days as you may find the item goes barred at a later date. If this does happen, you should re-check the device using Checkmend and open a dispute with eBay or Paypal. We do not reccomend that you buy a used mobile phone on Gumtree as we have had lots of reports from Guntree customers that they later find their devices go barred and they have no way of getting their money back.

2. If you are a trade buyer and you are purchasing a mobile device directly from a member of the public you should always follow these steps to protect yourself.

    • Have a purchase agreement drawn up that includes all of your terms and conditions of purchase - This should also include a clause about phones that go blacklisted at a later date and how you will pursue the seller to claim back the cost of the phone if this were to happen. (this may include contacting the Police, pursuing a claim through the small claims court etc) - You should always draw this to the attention of the seller at the point of signing the agreement.
    • Always ask the seller for photographic ID, proof of address (utility bill etc dated in past 1 month) and a valid credit/debit card.
    • Take a scanned copy of the sellers ID at the point of making the deal, this should be filed with a copy of the Checkmend report and kept in case you need to refer to it at a later date.
    • Take the sellers FULL credit/debit card details (including 16 digit card No, start/expiry date, FULL name on card and security code - This info could be used to re-claim any future losses directly form the seller if the mobile device you purchase later goes barred - It is also very important that you state in your purchase agreement that you may take this course of action if the device sold later goes barred, you should always get the seller to sign and date this clause in your purchase agreement to prevent the seller from being able to file a chargeback with their bank or card issuer.

Top tips for sellers

1. Before selling your mobile device be sure that all old user data and personal information has been deleted from the phone.

2. If selling an iPhone be sure to delete all iCloud/Apple ID info and turn off "Find My iPhone" before selling your phone on.

3. Provide the buyer with an upto date Checkmend report that shows the mobile device is clean and has no adverse history.

4. Always keep a record of the phones IMEI No, this can be used at a later date to block the device should your buyer attempt to buy this from you using any fraudlent methods.

Top tips for unlockers

1. Always carry out a Checkmend report before submitting an order for unlocking - this will save you from wasting time submitting a blacklisted IMEI which will later be rejected.

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