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Server Service

Samkey Delivery Time
Samkey - 10 Credit USB Unlock Account 0-3 Hours

Chimera Tool Delivery Time
Chimera Tool (ALL Modules) 12 Month License 0-12 Hours
Chimera Tool - BlackBerry Module (12 Month License) 0-3 Hours
Chimera Tool - Samsung Module (12 month license) 0-3 Hours
Chimera Tool - 100 Credits 0-3 Hours

DC Unlocker Delivery Time
DC Unlocker - Vygis/Rocker Dongle Activation 0-3 Hours
DC Unlocker Server Credits (1 Unlock) 0-3 Hours

JIC/Nextgen Multi Unlock Client Delivery Time
Dell Streak, Aero & Venue USB Unlock (1 Credit) 0-3 Hours
HP Veer USB Unlock (1 Credit) 0-3 Hours
Palm Pre USB Unlock (1 Credit) 0-3 Hours
Sony Ericsson X10/ X10 Mini / X8 & W8 USB Unlock Client 0-3 Hours

Jic/Nextgen Multi Unlock Dongle Delivery Time
Multi Unlock Dongle Pack 2 Activation (Sony Ericsson X10a/X10i) 0-3 Hours
Multi Unlock Dongle Pack 3 Activation (20 Credits) 0-3 Hours

NCK Box / Dongle Delivery Time
NCK Box / Dongle Yearly Activation 0-12 Hours

NS Pro Delivery Time
NS Pro 12 month support/activation 0-24 Hours

Sony Xperia Delivery Time
Sony Xperia USB Unlock Software (0 Counter Reset/Instant Unlock) 0-15 Minutes

SE Tool Delivery Time
SE Tool 3 (30 Credits) 0-24 Hours
SE Tools 3 (60 Credits) 0-24 Hours

Z3x Box Delivery Time
Z3x Samsung Pro MSL Server Credits 0-12 Hours
Z3x Box LG Activation 0-24 Hours
Z3x Pro Activation 0-24 Hours
Z3x Box Samsung Activation 0-24 Hours

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